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The Emergency Plus Scheduling Module is designed to allow emergency service organizations to easily generate and maintain work schedules for their personnel resources and to track hours worked by each employee. The Scheduling Module allows you to define shift patterns and generate detail shift schedules from the patterns. If an employee does not follow the assigned shift for any reason, this can be noted by entering exceptions in the Roll Call feature which can also be used to quickly determine the individual’s schedules to work a particular shift or at a particular station or location.

A Staffing Analysis Function is available to permit planning for companies that may be short staffed. By entering a future date, a listing will be displayed of either all companies or only those that are short staffed. The user would then be able to transfer employees from other companies, transfer employees from a general pool of unassigned personnel or to call in from an overtime list based on last overtime worked.
There is an automatic interface to CAD to assign personnel to the call and update incident information accordingly.