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Emergency Plus Mobile is a set of wireless mobile data software programs that provides officers in the field the ability to access data from the central server regarding incidents, individuals, locations, vehicles and more. All communications are secured with high-level encryption.

  • CAD systems promote faster response and reduce radio traffic while enabling mobile patrol to maintain safe, silent contact with base operations.
  • Field reporting saves time by allowing data entry and transmission of state mandated forms directly from a mobile computer.
  • Mobile messaging improves officer communication with the ability to send and receive instant messages and e-mail from anyone using the system.
  • Access to local, state, and national databases provides thorough information on names, vehicles, property, and wanted persons. Mobile solutions enable you to search for and receive information on demand. Instead of competing with other units for radio time to perform routine license plate checks, you can perform your own checks and get results fast.
  • System alerts and an emergency panic button improve officer safety and promote faster response times.
  • In-vehicle mapping and routing
  • AVL based unit status