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The Emergency Plus Inventory Module provides a comprehensive solution for tracking a department’s inventoried items. The module has been designed specifically for the Fire Service and, hence, utilizes industry standard terms. Separated sections are included to track air bottle hydrostatic testing, fire extinguishers, hose testing, and gasoline/diesel fuel usage. The module can also track a wide variety of other items including those items issued to members or vehicles, disposable items, and those items in need of repair. A vendor database can also be established to provide a method of tracking suppliers of inventory items. The Inventory Module is transaction based, which facilitates an easy means of transferring items from stock to a specific location, or from a location to the repair log. A historical record of repairs, lost items, and damaged items allows for an excellent means of tracking the frequency of repairs and associated costs for a particular item.

 Equipment testing has been tailored to specific items such as hoses, air bottles, regulators, pressure reducers, fire extinguishers, drugs and vehicles.