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  CAD - Computer Aided Dispatching
  • Single or Multi-Jurisdictional Capabilities
  • Real-time Access to Emergency Information
  • Windows®-Based Solutions
  • ESRI Mapping
  • Multi-agency functionality
  • Loaded with functions, but still easy to use
  • Sophisticated unit recommendations
  • Station Toning and Paging Interfaces
  • Hazmat Alerts
  • Dispatcher level tailoring, e.g., “Command Line” or “Point & Click”
  • Hazmat Alerts and integration provides access to special instructions for Hazmat situations
  • Hydrant and Water Source Information
  • Unit Recommendations can be designed for specific response plans
Emergency Plus™ Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) is a high end solution for single or multi-agency operation. It bridges the communication gap between dispatch and the field, and ensures the continual availability of data for immediate sharing of incident information, patient data, and criminal records. It provides a real-time link between agencies, with flexibility and user-friendly features that enable each agency to configure the system to meet their needs, yet jointly respond to events while retaining their individual requirements.

Emergency Plus CAD takes away the guesswork of unit recommendations and location through the following innovative features:

Automatic Vehicle Location with Routing
Emergency response units use Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment to track and automatically report their positions to the dispatchers. CAD mapping workstations use position information to recommend the closet unit to an incident

Street Based Unit Recommendations
CAD provides a sophisticated unit recommendation algorithm to determine planned and AVL routing information along the street map.

Emergency Plus was developed in 1982 and has grown with many leading edge features.
CAD - Computer Aided Dispatching