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  Emergency Plus - Public Safety Software
Saving lives and protecting property is the objective of every Emergency Service organization. Emergency Plus has been designed to assist in that effort.

The emergency dispatch function, which can be coupled with E911 and automatic alarm interfaces, provides your organization with immediate dispatch and preplan capabilities. When seconds count, Emergency Plus is there.
Emergency Plus™ provides an integrated set of modules from CAD to Mobile application through to Records Management Software. Emergency Plus meets the needs of law enforcement, fire and emergency medical agencies. A great deal of flexibility has been built into our system to permit the agencies to tailor the applications to fit their unique business practices. This flexibility and the thoroughness of Emergency Plus provides for increased productivity and improved public safety. Automated capabilities deliver better information for quicker, more accurate responses, resulting in more effective community protection and reduced risk to first responders.

Greater efficiency is realized as manual efforts or searching for needed information is avoided with the integration of our applications. This integration of modules makes data readily available when and where it is needed and results in greater time savings. Accurate record keeping helps to assure that Federal, State and local standards are met.

Once you have chosen Emergency Plus as your system, Astra Software provides complete installation support, from determining hardware and software requirements to detailed system training and education. A toll-free hotline, staffed by Emergency Plus specialists, is available to answer questions you may have during installation or daily use.
Emergency Plus - Public Safety Software